13 years vai

from by Ofer Golany



D-It happened to me the other day I went to my regular café
Where if I perform I do not pay and sat down a game of chess to play
F -And there at a table by the door
Someone who was never here before
She looked at me once I wanted more
then she got up and crossed the floor
A -She took out two pawns and let me choose
I thought there was nothing I could lose
A horse I had gotten for my queen and I was already in a dream
But when she looked into my eyes I got such a big surprise
I had known this girl before in another time and place
then when she finally said her name like a wave the memories came
and washed thirteen years away

D -suggested coffee they make it well
there was so much we had to tell
to catch up what can you really say to thirteen years along the way
F -I said you were a romantic fool
you knew but you chose to break the rules
you're living your life inside a song
he asked if that was so very wrong
A -well that's why I loved you then I said
but I chose another path instead
now how often do I think of you whenever I hear a guitar play
but when I looked into his eyes there he found to my surprise
I was waiting for the dream to spread its wings and fly
when he said he had to go Said we'll meet again I know
Don't you ever say goodbye

Outro: I want you


from Gypsy in Laura's Kuche, released January 26, 2016



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